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What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a non exact science that continually evolves. Its a process of attracting traffic to your website through free organic search, as opposed to PPC (Pay per Click)  which is a process of paying for Ads to appear. The core of SEO still remains the use and balancing of keywords to answer your potential clients search phrase.  However additional key factors, amongst others, include UX (User Experience) Site Speed, Inbound Links, Readability, Responsiveness (how your site displays) across different platforms such as mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Different search engines like Google and Bing/Yahoo use different, and constantly changing, algorithms in determining your current rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). This can produce widely different results depending on how well you manage and structure your keyword phrases in your content and how relevant the search engine thinks it is to its user.


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Making SEO work for you


Competitor Research

We examine your competitors site structure, content and keyword usage. This provides an insight into what’s required to help your site get to the top slots.


We use WordPress that powers over 60% of the world’s websites. We optimise your content and images for keywords and phrases.

Web Development

We can design and create unique websites or apply proven templates for an out of the box and quick, but effective, solution.

Local SEO not Global SEO

We are not here to make you global, we are here to make you local, supporting local businesses in their local markets.

Why Choose us

Below are some of our clients that are enjoying Page 1 success

Your Home Removals

seo Maidenhead your home removals

This is the second site that they have optimised for me, brilliant results as before. Very thorough, and very highly recommended.

Jake Lomas

Managing Director

Position 1

Top 3

Top 5

Top 10

page speed score seo maidenhead

Naomis Ark Pet Care

naomis ark pet care seo maidenhead

Have been on page 1 for over 10 months now, producing so many enquiries that I’m often fully booked. We get great compliments on our web design too!

Naomi Powici

Owner, Noamis Ark Pet Care

Position 1

Top 3

Top 5

Top 10

Equine Nutri Health

equine nutri health seo

My site was only born on 11/7/2018, 10 days later I was on the top of page 1 locally, now I’m in the top three nationally!

Catherine R.

Owner, Equine Nutri Health

Position 1

Top 3

Top 5

Top 10

Tikki Training

Tikki training maidenhead

We had been messing around with our site for close on two years, getting absolutely nowhere, Paul came through a recommendation, best investment I’ve ever made, within weeks, our site was not only on Page 1 for several of our search terms, but also a much better format.

Tikki Patel

Owner, Tikki Training

Position 1

Top 3

Top 5

Top 10

SME Unlimited have provided us with an excellent service. Apart from the speed and efficiency of their response to our needs has been the wisdom and experience in anticipating problems we hadn’t yet realised. We have also benefitted from their creativity in guiding us to put in place much more straightforward accounting systems. End of year accounts are no more the nightmare they used to be! I would confidently recommend them to any small to medium sized business.

John Rynne

Performance through Balance

Thanks to Paul from SME Unlimited I have a website that features on page 1 of google searches and brings in endless bookings and enquiries. I am very grateful for the help, guidance and inspiration and I highly recommend SME Unlimited to everyone that runs their own business for everything from website performance to implementing easy to use accounting systems. A very big Thank You!

Sarah Owen

So More Than Yoga

Whether you are starting a brand new site, or seeking to improve an existing one, we are confident that our Search Engine Optimisation skills will provide you with the results you require.

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